Way of the Force

An overview of the Intermud 3 protocol

Intermud 3 is a protocol that is used by over a hundred muds to communicate with eachother. These pages provide information on version 3 of the protocol as well as proposed changes for version 4. The proposal for version 3 also documents all changes from version 2, which is still in use by a few muds.

Intermud 3 is first of all a network of lpmuds, the protocol is very much designed around features found in the mudos/fluffos drivers (mudmode, save/restore_variable), but there are also other muds (not using an lp variation) connecting to it.

A typical Intermud 3 client provides at least tells and usually comms channels. Many also provide remote who and finger information, support remote emotes, and some also support file and mail exchange, shared discussion forums and the like.

The original proposal for Intermud 3 is incomplete, and leaves room for interpretation in various important places. Also, some things turned out to be not very practical and are being done differently in practise. The original proposal below should be used as a reference for the original design goals and ideas, but is incorrect in some places, and is incomplete.

Technical specifications

Non-LPC example code